OZ interest Rates ?

This is definitely not my usual forum as I am fairly dumb when it comes to politics however I would be interested to hear from those better acquainted with the subject to shed some light on how by fiddling around with the interest rates the reserve bank aims to improve the economy of the country given that an increase in interest rate seems to me intuitively to directly put the onus on the actual majority of the people that create the largest component of the countries revenue. I heard that in the last year several hundred people lost their homes because of default while the banks made record profits. People that already have lots of money will make more with a interest rate rise. How does this address the issues for people socially marginalized and those trying to keep up mortgage payments on limited incomes. As I said I am no expert so tell me I am a bit thick if necessary but I just do not understand how this works fairly? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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